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1. Copyright – Intellectual property and copyright remains the property of Aussie Farm Animals and is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in any reproduction use, publishing use or commercial purposes of any Aussie Farm Animals imagery and designs. The Aussie Farm Animals website layout and design and the material used within the site are owned by Aussie Farm Animals and are protected by copyright. Aussie Farm Animals reserves the right to make changes to the webiste and update prices to this website where necessary.

2. All parents have been approached and asked by our staff to have their child's photo approved and used on our website. Any enquiries about these photos or if you do not consent to having your child's photo on our website, please contact us and we will remove it.

3. Rules of Conduct – Please read the Rules sign before entering the animal enclosure. Kids enter at own risk and are the responsibility of the parents or carers. No foul play, bad language or misconduct allowed. No food or drinks to be brought into enclosure. Handling of animals to be taken with care. Any concerns or queries to be addressed to the Aussie Farm Animals staff who are on duty. Hand sanitiser to be used after handling animals. We reserve the right to eject a child who is deemed a danger to our animals from the animal nursery. You must inform us if your child, or a child attending the animal enclosure has special needs so we can cater for the child.

4. Availability – Due to the demand of baby animals we will try to supply all requested animals on the day of booking, but this cannot be guaranteed. Baby animals are seasonal and may not be readily available on time of booking. Therefore, we will supply extra baby animals that are in season.

5. Payment Terms – We accept payments via Paypal, Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Money Order. We only operate in Melbourne, Victoria and we do not travel interstate for bookings.

6. Cancellation of booking – If you cancel a booking after confirming a booking, cancellation fees may apply and the $100 deposit may not be refundable. Please contact us to discuss your reason of cancellation.

7. Privacy Policy – Aussie Farm Animals respects your privacy and your personal information will be kept confidential. We will not pass your details on to any other organisation for any purpose. We will not use your information for any purpose other than what you have supplied it for. We collect only the information we require to fulfill your orders, and we promise never to reveal your private information to
any third party for any purpose.


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